2 thoughts on “Rolex Submariner Watchmaking Demonstration

  1. Yes, we do this on all the clinics that we run and in private sessions it really depends on the goals set by the client and instructor at the start of the session. All our coaches are very familiar with the use of vieo within ski coaching and we try to use it to complement what we do on the hill, rather than replace it.Thanks for you comGtnemiles

  2. फार जुनं प्रकरण आहे ते. अरे कोंकणातंच हा प्रकार व्हायचा, असं म्हणतात, पुर्वी मुलगा आणि मुलगी लग्नाच्या वेळेस फार लहान असायचे, तेंव्हाच हा प्रकार सुरु झाला.

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