SKULLY AR-1: Rebel Innovation

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Skully Creative Director- Robert Gomez Hernandez
Executive Producer & Co Director- Marty Eli Schwartz
Director of Photography- Stephan Von Bjorn
1st Assistant Director – Julian Brain
Cameras by Radiant Images-Mike Mansouri
1st Assistant Camera- James Rydings
2nd Assistant Camera- Sarah Galley
Camera Car- Jack Carpenter of Camera Cars
Camera Bike- Dan Wynands of Action Trax
Key Grip-Joel Jaspin
Sound Recordist – Rob Nokes of Sound Dog Productions
Sound Design – Jamie Branquinho, Chase Keehn, James LeBrecht of Berkeley Sound Artists
Craft Service – Kit & Kaboodle
Personal Assistants – Brendon Lee, Will Giovacchini, Ines Chan, Virginia VanGrossi
Medic-Cindy Swartz

Stunt Coordinator/ Motorcycle Driver : Courtney Schwartz
Motorcycle Drivers:
Daryl Davis
Ron Bartells
Jen Caputo
Joe Bucaro
Jef Groff
Robert Gomez Hernandez
Barry Munsterteiger

Motorcycles by – Aprilia, Moto Guzzi, Bartel’s Harley Davidson


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