Disable the Toggle Completion Mode in Visual Studio

When writing code in Visual Studio, the shortkey Ctrl+Alt+Space toggles the completion mode of IntelliSense in the Text Editor.
The completion mode can be manually changed by going to this menu in VS2012:
EDIT > IntelliSense > Toggle Completion Mode

However the shortkey can be annoying while coding, depending on your keyboard configuration and language.

To disable this shortkey command in Visual Studio 2012 follow these steps:

  • Go to TOOLS
  • Select Options…
  • Go to Environment > Keyboard
  • Below the Show commands containing: type the word completion and hit the TAB-key
  • The filtered listbox should now contain a command called Edit.ToggleCompletionMode
  • Select it and hit the button Remove
  • Click OK to close the Options form

visual studio 2012 keyboard command options

These steps are very similar to Visual Studio 2010.

1 thought on “Disable the Toggle Completion Mode in Visual Studio

  1. The real problem is that if you disable it, and then restart visual studio, it enables itself again. You have to disable again each time you start VS. I wish there was an option “disable completion mode at startup” or “remember completion mode” or similar.

    Completion mode is so annoying, it keeps writing incorrect code instead of the correct code I’m typing, I have to watch out and regularly delete stuff, I’m actually fighting with my IDE 😦 Additionally, since sometimes it writes incorrect code that compiles (for example a variable name that exists, instead of the one you typed and planned to declare afterwards), it’s easy to introduce bugs unknowingly, even though what you typed was correct.

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