2 thoughts on “Google follows Bing with a knowledge graph feature

  1. The Bing video is promoting social search: get/ask related data/suggestions from your friends.

    The Google video is about knowledge: if you search for Leonardo Da Vinci it’ll show you info about him (like Wolfram|Alpha does), along with related painters/paintings from his era.

    Don’t see how both videos compare.

    • The bing video is indeed promoted as a more social search but during the bing search summit webcast they announced that they added several new graphs of data (similar to the knowledge graph).
      As I said in my post about the new bing: “They will improve the connection of real object and social entities together with your search results.”

      The snapshot area is where this data is/these entities are going to be visible.
      The sidebar area is where the social part occurs and is being promoted because that is the part that attracts most users.
      if you search for cities e.g. New York ( http://www.bing.com/search?cc=us&q=New+York&qs=n&form=QBRE&pq=new+york&sc=8-8&sp=-1&sk= ) you see information in between the search results related to your search (weather, images, attractions, ..) that part is going to be more visible in the snapshot area. Atm they are more focused on hotels/attractions/flights/.. but the same could be done with the other topics which would give similar results to the knowledge graph.
      + Don’t forget that bind teamed up with wolfram alpha some while ago ( http://www.wolframalpha.com/bing/ )

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