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So, how does this replace sharing documents via email or sharepoint? They have to scan the code first. How do they receive the code? πŸ™‚
This would only work in an environment where you have contact with other persons in real life.
Kind of useless, isn’t it?

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7 thoughts on “Tag my doc

    • “and have everyone scan the original one”

      Situation 1:
      you are the manager and I am the employee.
      We are at the same office. You create a document and add a tag on it. I can scan it and read the doc.

      Situation 2:
      you are the manager and I am the employee.
      We are on another office. You create the document and add a tag on it. You should send me a link to the tag or to the document or send me a code that I can scan.

      Situation 1) and 2):
      I could just attach a link from our sharepoint server.
      I could just post a link or share a link from skydrive, dropbox whatever, where they could get the document.

      I don’t need to pollute official documents with tags, I don’t need to have a physical qr code printed out so that it could be scanned in the first place.

      am I missing something Bramus! ?

      • Yes: situations that go beyond the same workplace, where you are meeting external people.

        Say you are a salesman selling washing machines. You go from shop to shop trying to sell the shop owners your washing machines, ergo you have a leaflet with all the washing machines offered. You give the shop a leaflet, because paper works: the week after your visit the leaflet will still be lying around and the shop owner won’t forget about you.

        Now, if the shop owner then wants a digital version of the document, he just has to scan the code to get a digital copy πŸ™‚

        Related: of course one could just provide an URL on the leaflet, but that’s a whole other discussion about the usefulness of QR Codes at all.

  1. Actually Teusje, in these kind of situation I totally agree with you that adding a tag pollutes the document.

    Now imagine that you give a presentation to a mass of people that you do not know or have information on ( a conference, a trade show, a teacher at any school level, etc. ). Tagging your presentation will allow anyone to access the document from your phone by pulling it instead of you having to Β«pushΒ» it through email. You can even request that people enter their email in order to access the doc so you can easily build a nice little mailing list in no time.

    In another situation when you have a handout that a client want a copy of, instead of having to send him the link via sharepoint or dropbox, they simply have to scan the paper document and its done.

    Or an accountant or law firm that produces thousands of individual documents that need to be accessed easily. Using QR codes, you bypass the need to access a digital file from the server, you can simply scan and get the doc on your mobile device.

    The true strenght of the TagMyDoc service lies with its Synergy with paper documents. Its like printing in reverse πŸ˜‰

    We believe we have just edged the tip of the iceberg of possibilities since we just launched the beta and that our service will ease the transition toward an eventual paperless, digital world πŸ™‚

    DISCLAIMER : I work @ TagMyDoc πŸ˜€

    What do you think of these scenarios, how would you use it ?

    All the best and Happy Thanksgiving !


  2. Microsoft tags are indeed interesting because of the Logo that you can add. We are currently considering supporting them on the TagMyDoc platform, stay posted πŸ˜‰

    We chose QR codes because they are the current recognised standard, are known to most users, and are platform agnostic, and the best user experience is what matters the most to us πŸ™‚

    For the stats tracking feature, try tagging a document on tagmydoc.com after creating an account. you will have access to many stats such as time, location, usage, etc.

    The best of it is that it is all free πŸ˜€

    We offer even more via our business solutions πŸ™‚

    have a look and let me know what you think !


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