C# ExpandoObject

The ExpandoObject is actually pretty cool in C#. The dynamic keyword is actually pretty powerfull but might give you some Runtime Errors. 😉

var vs. dynamic keyword:
If you use the dynamic keyword, the type is decided at runtime. When using the var keyword, the compiler checks which type should be used when building/compiling.

I wrote a little example so that you could see the ExpandoObject and the dynamic keyword in action:

using System;
using System.Dynamic;

namespace ConsoleApplication2
class Program
static void Main(string[] args)
dynamic _MyDog = new ExpandoObject();

_MyDog.BarfEvent = null;
_MyDog.BarfEvent += new EventHandler(OnBarf);

_MyDog.Name = "Lassie";
_MyDog.Age = "3";

_MyDog.Family = new ExpandoObject();
_MyDog.Family.Father = "Tramp";
_MyDog.Family.Mother = "Lady";

_MyDog.FavoriteFood = new string[2];
_MyDog.FavoriteFood[0] = "Cats";
_MyDog.FavoriteFood[1] = "Sausages";

_MyDog.Barf = new Action(() =>
Console.WriteLine("Bark Bark!");

// calling the event
EventHandler tmp = _MyDog.BarfEvent;
if (tmp != null)
tmp(_MyDog, new EventArgs());

// testing everything


public static void OnBarf(object sender, EventArgs e)
Console.WriteLine("I barked");

Enjoy 😉

2 thoughts on “C# ExpandoObject

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