Windows Phone

Thanks to I received yesterday my Windows Phone. First I have to say: @tomwarren (@winrumors): thank you so much!

There were some problems: the first Windows Phone was (I guess) stolen on its way to my house. So a big FUCK YOU to bpost or royal mail or whatever company came in touch with the package.

With some delay and several tweets, a new (!!) package with a second phone was sent and arrived yesterday:

(Date and sender’s signature: 6-5-11)

I’m really impressed with the brightness of the Super AMOLED display and the look and feel of the Windows Phone user interface/experience (UI/UX).

Several people have already played with it and they were suprised how fast everything works. (I have noticed that some of them will actually buy one very soon 😛 ).

Updating and syncing goes very easy with the Zune software. This is a screenshot just before the “Copy and paste” update:

(testing Twitter for Windows Phone)

Now let me find my Visual Studio to create some Windows Phone apps! 😀

Thanks !


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