Web design trend: Metro UI

The Zune and Windows Phone brought a new User Interface (UI) design to the mobile world called Metro UI.

Not only in Windows Phone or Windows applications we see the rise of this new Metro UI style, even websites are adopting them.

Today even Microsoft launched the redesigned microsoft.com website.

Site www.microsoft.com:

Site www.touchality.com:

Site www.touchality.com/blog:

Site www.monsmartphone.net:

Site www.windowsteamblog.com:

Site www.metrotwit.com:
(The application itself is also a great example of a Windows application with a Metro UI)

Site www.mykindofphone.com:

Site www.msdn.com:

Site http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/windows/apps/:

Site www.buildwindows.com:

Site www.winrumors.com:

Site www.windowsphone.com:

Site www.computerman.gr:

Site www.bing.com/webmaster:
(if you sign in/up, on the website)

Site www.server-talk.eu:

I hope this gives you some design inspiration 😉

More information about the Metro UI can be found on Wikipedia.

Update 2012-06-13: added some other sites
Update 2010-08-02: added some other sites

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