Humans.txt, a Robots.txt for humans

A quote from the website:

What is it?

An initiative to know the creators of the website.

A TXT file that contains the information about the different people who have contributed to the web building.


A sample of a humans.txt file with the fields that you can use:

/* TEAM */
 Chef:Juanjo Bernabeu
 Contact: hello [at]
 Twitter: @cssbarcelona
 From:Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

 CSS3 and HTML5 Girl: Maria Macias
 Twitter: @lafabricaverde
 From:Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

 One eyed illustrator: Carlos Mañas
 Twitter: @oneeyedman
 From:Madrid, Spain

 Standard Man: Abel Cabans
 Twitter: @abelcabans
 From:Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

 Creative mind: Abel Sutilo
 Twitter: @abelsutilo
 From:Sevilla, Andalucia, Spain

 CA Translator: Eva AC
 Twitter: @evaac
 From:Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

 EN Translator: Jose Flores
 From:Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

 Copy review: Marta Armanda
 Twitter: @martuishere
 From: Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

/* SITE */
 Last update:2011/01/23
 Doctype:HTML5 with CSS3
 IDE:Aptana Studio 3 and Notepad++

Robots.txt, Humans.txt, …

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