6 thoughts on “Hey DJs?! Fill in your metadata!

  1. If you are a bit passionated about your work or music, you would expect that they fill in the metadata… No?!

    Some spend hours and days to create a promo track but loose 50% of their promotion-power because the metadata is missing.

    I really don’t get it.

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  3. And how exactly do ID3 tags relate to the used OS? It’s the software which created the .mp3 you should be targeting in your rant … And we all know that all decent MP3 software does support ID3, ergo it’s due to pure laziness.

    • Sorry about the OS ranting but I typed it in a fury. My bad.. (see the note/changes in the post)

      and I’m not sure it’s only about laziness… I think the answer is more in @boskabout his reply.

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