FIFA World Cup 2010 with Bing and Google

We all know the FIFA World Cup 2010 is about to start in South Africa. Just 2 more days and a few hours left.

Google and Bing have decided to make it easier for you to find the results, schedule, etc…

Let’s take a look:


Groups and mini schedule on one page:

google world cup 1

Customized paging logo:

google world cup 2


Schedule and news (links to Fixtures, Results, Group standings, History)

bing world cup 1

Standings and the groups:

bing world cup 2

Only a schedule with links (depends on the search term):

bing world cup 3

The Fixtures:

bing world cup 4

Team details:

bing world cup 5

The schedule for today (nothing today, so upcoming games are visible):

bing world cup 6

Quick access to the FIFA site via Bing:

bing world cup 7

Share FIFA news via Facebook, Twitter or Email:

bing world cup 8


You will not miss a thing when using Bing or Google. 😉

[ Bing ] [ Google ]

P.S.1: Tnx for the tip @JelleBeuselinck

P.S.2: If you live in a country where Bing is still in beta, it is possible that you don’t have these results. Change your language (right upper corner) to United States instead or use this link.


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