Testing Windows Live Writer

While surfing around I found out that more and more people were using Windows Live Writer. So it was about time to check it out myself.

First of all the interface of Live Writer looks good, it’s like using a minimal version of Word. I’m using WordPress.com and really the integration is well done! I’m writing here in my blog template so I have an instant preview of what it will look like.

I hope you don’t mind while I will now test some things out in this post. 😉

So here we go:

Inserting a Photo album:

Inserting an existing Photo album (from SkyDrive):


You can easily adjust the look of the Photo album, let’s test a random Grid look:

Inserting a single Picture:


I have added a frame around it and added some effects just by using Live Writer (almost the same effects you can find in Word). Wow I’m impressed!

Testing the Map feature.


Map picture



Map picture

Bird’s Eye:

Map picture


Before I forget. Here is how the interface of Windows Live Writer looks like (with a drop shadow effect):

windows live writer 2


So far this test. I’m impressed.
I hope when I press Publish that everything will be ok 😉

You can download Windows Live Writer here!

Edit: even updating a post works good 😉

[ source ]


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