Windows Live updates

I just took two screen shots from Web Messenger in my hotmail account.

This Web Messenger is part of Live Wave 4, an update to the Microsoft Live services and programs.

You also might have seen that the Live sign-in design has changed a little bit and that Windows Live Messenger (WLM) recently added some extra functionality (group improvements):

Now it’s waiting for the full Wave 4 update, which includes a new Windows Live Messenger, new Windows Live Photo Gallery extra’s, etc..

I really start to like the Live series. I use the Live Photo Gallery myself as default photo viewer. It supports stitching pictures (very handy!!) and tagging friends (just like Facebook!).

Example of stitching two pictures together:

( select 2 or more images you want to stitch and select the stitching from the menu )

Example of tagging somebody:

( View a photo and select “Info” from the top menu )


SkyDrive gives you 25GB free online storage. You can store your music, pictures, documents online. (Very useful at school, trust me!)

Even writing blog posts is so easy with Live Writer.

Btw, also check out the Office Live Workspace. 😉

[ source ] [ mobile version ]

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