Idea: Modular streaming video

If you are at work, at school, using a mobile phone… most of the time the sound of the device is muted!

With this in mind I had an idea. People often look at movies (YouTube, Vimeo, …) without any audio. But hey, don’t forget you are still downloading the audio data, that you don’t listen to!

My idea:

Modular streaming video to save bandwidth

Software that detects if your sound is enabled or disabled. While requesting a movie you can tell that website “hey I don’t have any audio enabled, just give me less data”. The website streams you just the data module without the audio data. When you enable sound while the movie plays you could just request the audio module and play it synchronized together with the movie.

This would require a modified piece of software (for example Silverlight) that could detect OS settings, a site that supports all this and a technique or new file format for movies that could split the audio from it.


This would be such a bandwidth saver for many people. Resulting in a faster downloads (websites like YouTube are loading slow on mobile devices!) and less traffic for servers. Servers would need to calculate a little bit more but with todays technologies that couldn’t be the problem.

If any (big) company reads this. Please give me some credits or contact me. Hah! 😛

So far my idea 🙂

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