Bored students create art

Afb062 Stitch3 - Copy

Ever wondered why there are so much names and drawings on school tables and chairs? It’s simple: put some students in a classroom together with a boring course/teacher. After a few weeks the room will be transformed to one masterpiece of drawings from overheated-bored minds.

I’m not supporting this kind of vandalism but every time I look at such a crazy mix of names, invective and drawings, I’m like “wow nice!“. It’s maybe strange but for me it looks really cool. If you only look at one word or drawing on a table it sucks indeed but if you see the big picture, a complete chair, table, row of tables (or a class) covered with ‘art’, it’s sometimes awesome.

Below are some pictures that a classmate and me took. There are really some masterpieces at some tables but I never had the chance to sit on such a table to take a picture of it :P. I need to say, the student who made that naked woman must have been really bored; damn such a nice drawing!

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