Blender 2.66

blender 2.66

The Blender Foundation and online developer community is proud to present Blender 2.66. This release contains long awaited features like rigid body physics simulation, dynamic topology sculpting and matcap display.


Other new features include Cycles hair rendering, support for high pixel density displays, much better handling of premultiplied and straight alpha transparency, a vertex bevel tool, a mesh cache modifier and a new SPH particle fluid dynamics solver.

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PixelTone: A Multimodal Interface for Image Editing

This video demonstrate PixelTone, a research prototype app that uses voice-control and touch to control photo editing operations. PixelTone is a collaboration between researchers at Adobe Research and University of Michigan, and will be presented at the ACM CHI (Computer-Human Interaction) conference this May in Paris.

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Office 2013

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Autodesk 123D: 3D printing for everyone

Autodesk is releasing a connected ecosystem of products and platforms that transforms the experience of 3D design and personal fabrication. The Autodesk 123D family of products connects free 3D modeling tools with content, community, and fabrication services, so anyone can create, explore, and make their project. Shown for the first time on March 21, 2012, the new Autodesk 123D Catch mobile app will allow users to take photos of people, places, and things from their iPad camera and with the power of the cloud, transform them into detailed 3D models that can be shared as images, video, or even be 3D printed. Autodesk 123D design software enables personal creation and fabrication of precise and finished objects. Users can additionally transform 3D models into cut patterns with 123D Make.

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